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Ricky Valadez is an award-winning composer with a distinct and recognizable musical style that blends orchestral, cinematic and pop elements. The Berklee College of Music alumnus has composed and produced music through a broad spectrum ranging from electronic to pop to dramatic film music to classical. His music has been featured worldwide in commercials, musicals, feature films, and on television. In his music one can sense an unquenchable curiosity that seeks to discover the unexplored possibilities of music. He is passionately driven by the conviction that music can be a powerful force in advancing individuals toward their infinite potential. Ricky attributes God as the sacred source from whom all invention and inspiration flow.

Creativity is such a deeply personal experience. It is difficult to articulate the complete inner-workings of our creative experiences. As I have sought guidance on expanding my own creativity, I have accumulated many gems of personal accounts from some of the most creative and inventive minds that have walked this earth. I was thrilled to discover a pattern. All of these great minds had a similar process for receiving creative inspiration.

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