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Best Background Music for Video Licensing Store

Music that moves, breathes, feels.

Royalty Free Music for $25

  • Master files 48kHz 24bit WAV
  • Preview file free downloads

License Options

$25 fixed price

Internet streaming, Internal use, public performance, end product sync.

Synchronisation with an audio-visual or audio-only work in one End Product.


Specific direct playback uses, which are background music for one event, venue or location, one company’s private on-hold music system, or one personal mobile ring-tone.

Examples of End Products: DVDS, websites, audiobooks, apps, games, online videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc), internet streaming advertisements, corporate videos, web promos, live performances, social media, Indie Films.

For digitally downloaded or physical End Products, there is a limit of 10,000 copies.
Broadcast use is not allowed.
For films, the film may not be theatrically released. (Use in an Indie Film is Allowed.)

Starting at $75

Any production created to generate profit, commercial gain, or branding messages, and developed for broadcast distribution. All Advertising agreements include Internet usage but not vice versa.

Pricing varies based on territory and medium. Click ‘License’ to calculate the price for your project.

For internet only advertising see standard license.

Starting at $150.

Any production created as part of a broadcast. Distribution includes terrestrial, cable, and satellite television.

Broadcast + Full Distribution includes DVD, website streaming or online rental distribution.

Broadcast only does not include DVD, website streaming or online rental distribution.

Pricing varies based on territory and medium. Click ‘License’ to calculate the price for your project.

Starting at $500

License Music For a Movie Production.
This license is for any video or film project which will be shown in theaters.

Pricing varies based on territory and budget. Click ‘License’ to calculate the price for your project.

For indie films see standard license.

Free license to use with any YouTube video posted on a channel with a minimum of 5k subscribers, please enter channel link in production description. The video must also link to in the description, in a Card, and in an End Screen element.

For use without links, you’ll need to purchase a standard license.


Can’t I just give you credit in my videos, instead of buying a license?2019-07-31T12:50:32-04:00

Unfortunately, no. Just giving credit in your videos doesn’t protect you from copyright infringement in accordance with international law. A license is required for you to have the proper rights to use music on your videos.

There is, however, a free YouTube Affiliate License available. View the License Options here to see if you qualify.

Can I use this music in my videos?2019-07-25T12:49:33-04:00

Yes! To use this music in your videos or media, you must first purchase a royalty free license.

What does royalty free mean?2019-07-25T12:48:13-04:00

Royalty-Free is the right to use copyrighted items without a requirement to pay out royalties per volume sold or usage period. ‘Royalty-free music’ does not mean ‘free music’. A one-time license purchase is require to authorize the use of ‘Royalty Free Music’ for each project. After acquiring a license to use this song in your video/project you won’t have to pay royalties in the future.

Will I receive a copyright claim on my Youtube video by using this music?2019-07-25T12:49:00-04:00

No, I do not register my work in YouTube’s Content ID System. This ensures that video creators won’t have copyright claims on their channels or their clients channels.

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